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A twist Damascus clip point knife with ring grip guard. This blade was a collaborative design with the customer, he had a very specific vision of what kind of knife he wanted. Something he could wear while on his motorcycle and a good all around general purpose blade. The handle is buffalo horn scales secured with brass tubes.

Had a couple extra wrenches sitting around the shop and wasn't busy one day. Soooo why not make a knife out of one just because.

Motorcycle Cutter

Rail Road Spike Knife

Nice little letter opener made of 404 stainless steel mounted on a deer antler provided by the customer. The blade has been etched with the gift recipients name and graduation date. A oak display base with deer antler base finishes out this gift.

This little knife was the hit of the show at my recent arts and crafts show in Pinehurst, NC. Nice general purpose knife, 3 1/2" over all length with 1 1/2" blade length. Curly maple scales on the handle and filed notches on top for comfortable thumb grip.

I've always seen these on various knife sites so of course I had to give it a try. Not to bad and the twist handle really gives them a good look. 

This started out as a standard chefs knife, then my customer who is also a friend (so I can mess with him a little) started requesting add on features. First he says "hey can you put a bottle opener on my knife? Cause you know I might what to pop a cold one open while cutting veggies". Yea no problem so I add it to the spine just in front of the handle. Then he wants a clip point because it looks kool. Next he asks for a fuller that ultimately turned into a full through slot. Then the college logo in the handle and lastly was the change to damascus. 

Deer Antler Letter Opener

Little Curly

Just Wrench It

Rambo Chef Knife




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