Handcrafted Knives

Border's Hunter

Buffalo Bowie


Zimmer Fighter

5" Clip Point Hunter

This is a 4" blade length drop point hunter. The guard is brass with a stacked leather handle. Topped off with a deer antler cap. The knife is of hidden tang construction made of 5160 steel. The include sheath provides two different positions for user comfort.

Basic Walnut Hunter

Deer Hunter

This is a nice little 5" hunter knife. The blade is 5160 steel with nickel silver guard, backed by vulcanized fiber spacers in white and red. The handle is desert iron wood attached to the hidden tang with nickel silver pins. 

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Deer Hunter

My go to basic hunter. A standard drop point hunter with full tang and walnut scales on the handle secured by brass Corby's.  If your looking for a starter knife from a custom maker, this is a good choice. 

Rough, Rough, Rough, the only way to describe this camping knife. It's the goto knife when roughing it. Nothing fancy. Good steel beat into a rough shape with a damn good edge. You can chop wood, dig a fire pit, cut rope, or whatever other needs around the camp site and not worry about scuffing your pretty knife. It gets the job done. Period! 

Goto Camping knife

This was also a favorite project. This 7 1/2" fighter includes a false edge at the end of the blade, difficult to see in this photo. All of the fittings are nickel silver with black vulcanized fiber spacers. The handle is a desert iron wood. The sheath has a sting ray skin inlay and the lettering is highlighted with 18 carat gold.   

This nice little 3 1/2" drop point hunter is my personal knife I carry when deer hunting. It has skinned more than a few deer and performed as expected. The edge has maintained a razor sharp cut for more than a few years without having to be resharpen. It is a steel blade with brass guard and curly maple handle. Hidden tang pinned with brass pins. The sheath is my handy work as well. 

My favorite knife I've made to date. This is a 11" long blade with nickel silver S guard that follows the length of the handle. The handle is a buffalo horn polished to a glossy sheen and capped with a nickel silver medallion. The tang is threaded on the end allowing the knife to be easily disassembled for cleaning and polishing.