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B-Sharp Knife

This is a nice little 5" hunter knife. The blade is 5160 steel with nickel silver guard, backed by vulcanized fiber spacers in white and red. The handle is desert iron wood attached to the hidden tang with nickel silver pins. 

Clip Point Hunter

Copper Hunter

Alaskan ULU

Yin Yang Hunter

Customer requested this drop point hunter that includes deer antler scales from antler he provided. The addition of the burl maple was my idea, thought it dressed it up and gave the knife a unique look. Blade is 3 1/2" long O1 tool steel with full tang construction. Scales are secured with nickel silver pins. 

Can make to order, using any type of handle material for customization. 

This nice little 3 1/2" drop point hunter is my personal knife I carry when deer hunting. It has skinned more than a few deer and performed as expected. The edge has maintained a razor sharp cut for more than a few years without having to be resharpen. It is a steel blade with brass guard and curly maple handle. Hidden tang pinned with brass pins. The sheath is my handy work as well. 

Nice hunter with excellent balance and very comfortable in the hand. This is a clip point blade with swedge made of O1 tool steel. Burl Maple scales make up the handle along with buffalo horn accents for the bolsters highlighted with a copper mosaic pin. Copper spacer pulls the horn and handle together nicely. A functional hunting knife that is also a show piece for any collection. 

Damascus hunter, the drop point blade is 200 layers of 1095 and 15N20 steel. Giraffe bone scales with nickel silver pins really highlight the twist pattern in the blade bring it all together. Finally the spine is accented with a hand filed S pattern.  

My customer requested a play on the Yin Yang logo and asks that it be incorporated into the design of the knife. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. The blade is O1 tool steel. The handle is made up of walnut scales with a yin yang logo inlay made of polyester blend material. Brass pins and lanyard tube finish it out. 


The B-Sharp knife is named for the treble clef inlay and the B-sharp music note on the sheath. The Blade cutting edge is 4 1/2" in length, made from 5160 steel. The handle is desert iron wood with the treble clef inlay and mosaic pins.

Walnut Hunter

Pathfinder Special

This was a very interesting project. My cousin ask for a Alaskan Ulu and of course I said I could make one before realizing what it looked like. Starting with a piece of 2" x 1/4" 5160 bar stock made it that much more interesting as I had to move the metal A LOT. With the addition of a stabilized cherry handle and brass corby‚Äôs I'd say this blade will do the job. 

This is a 4" blade length drop point hunter. The guard is brass with a stacked leather handle. Topped off with a deer antler cap. The knife is of hidden tang construction made of 5160 steel. The include sheath provides two different positions for user comfort.

Deer Slayer

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My go to basic hunter. A standard drop point hunter with full tang and walnut scales on the handle secured by brass Corby's.  If your looking for a starter knife from a custom maker, this is a good choice. 

Out of Africa

Border's Hunter

Custom Antler Hunter

5" drop point hunter with false edge. Deer antler handle torched to bring nice coloring and texture. Nickel silver guard with black fiber and nickel silver spacers complete the look.